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Freelancing changed my life. I’ve never had more freedom – both financial freedom and the ability to own my day-to-day schedule.
Kristan Bauer - CEO

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You’ve heard that freelancing can help you make more money and have more freedom throughout your life, right? But where do you start when it comes to freelancing? What services can you offer freelancing and how do you get clients?

These are big questions especially if you’re new to freelancing. They can be overwhelming. Our 7-day freelancing business challenge is designed to help jumpstart your freelancing business so you can easily and confidently structure your freelancing services and pitch new clients.

Yes, you can do this! In the 7-day freelancing business challenge, you’ll tackle a new skill or task everyday that gets you closer to starting your own freelance business. You’ll learn how to structure your business, get your branding and marketing up, and get your first client. 

The 7-day freelancing business challenge follows the exact steps and framework that our founder, Kristan Bauer, used to build her own six-figure freelance business. You’ll hear from Kristan every day with helpful advice and guidance to jumpstart your own business. 

The hardest part about freelancing is just getting started. Starting a profitable freelance business requires hard work and consistency, but it’s not rocket science… Freelancing can be life-changing and I know from first-hand experience. Let me show you how I started my own freelance business and grew it to multiple six figures in a year.

Kristan Bauer, co-founder

Oh, hey there, it’s nice to meet you!

About Kristan

You’re likely here because you want to start freelancing… Maybe you need more income and want to make more money or are feeling burnt out on your full-time job and want to be your own boss and own your own schedule. Either way – I’m so glad you’re here! 

I’m Kristan Bauer. About four years ago, I left my full-time job (working for someone else) and started my own SEO freelancing and consulting business. This transition didn’t happen overnight and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard work or nerve wracking (because it was!). This was a well-planned venture that included a lot of hustle. 

After going freelance full-time, I was able to build a six-figure business in about six months. After a few years of running and building my own freelance and consulting business, I was able to generate $768,236 in annual revenue. This has been beyond my wildest dreams. 

I’ve helped other folks start their own freelancing business based on my process and would love to help you too – in whatever capacity freelancing looks like for you. You might just want to freelance part-time on the side or you want to launch into full-time freelancing ASAP. I’m excited to take this journey together – let’s do this!

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